1968 GT/CS California Special
I have owned my 1968 GT/CS California Special since I purchased it from Hayward Ford in
Hayward, CA, in 1968.  I had a 1965 Honey Gold mustang, six cylinder, three speed, which I
used as a trade in to help purchase the GT/CS.  I have driven it in all 48 continental United States,
and four Canadian Provinces.  As of September 2013 it has over 498,000 miles on it, I was
hoping to get to 1/2 million, but time restraints prevented me in doing so.  The engine has been
rebuilt twice which included a short block in the mid 70's due to an accident which caused it to
have a rod thrown.  I have had disc brakes installed on the front and upper & lower consoles
installed in addition I have had it recently repainted as of last year.

Several photos will reflect, Tanner,  my traveling companion at the time who passed in May 2012
A stopover on Hwy 410 with the east side of Mount Rainier in the background
At the International Mustang Meet in Billings, MT
At the International Mustang Meet in Helena, MT
Sponsors Choice at a show in Jeffersonville, IN
The engine compartment with a GT/CS model on top