Finley  10/12 - 05/15
After Tanner I aquired Finley through Furbaby Rescue in Washington in September 2012.  He had a few
medical problems, similar to those Tanner had, but since I knew what to expect I decided to adopt him,
even though he was about 9 years old.  He did have some dental work done prior to his adoption which
required several of his teeth to be removed.  So most of the time when he is laying around, his tongue
hangs out.  He is a Shih Tzu like Tanner was, but a bit larger.  He more laid back than Tanner, and
basically ignores motorcycles.

Some photos of Finley
Dozing in one of his two day beds
Just hanging around, waiting to be fed
Want to play??
Keeping cool at a mustang show in Bozeman, MT
Sadly, Finley Passed in May of 2015
He will be missed