My 1967 420 Jaguar
I picked up this 1967 420 Jaguar while I was stationed in Karlsrule, Germany, and had it shipped to the US
when I left.   Once I retired from the military shortly thereafter, I used it as a daily driver until I picked up a
1993 Mustang to use.  I then put it in storage covered but in a field.  
However, I didn't check it as often as I should have.  So once I had the house built and decided to move it, I
found out the moisture had penetrated the interior and done a bit of damage.  
So now it is my project to see if I can restore it some what back to usability.  It is fun to drive, so I hope I can
get it up and running again.   
The Project
The MAJOR project.
I had to remove the dash which included the instrument panel and the left and right facia
boards.  The instrument panel was so deteriorated that I had to find a replacement.  I was
able to locate a used one, but it was for a right had driven Jag.  This was no problem because
all I had to do was replace the label bar at the bottom with my old one.  I also had to sand,
stain and polyurethane it and the two facia boards.  
I still need to line up the gauges and toggles, but the instrument panel is partially done.  I
probably will repaint the gauges once I get the dash back on.  I know I should have done them
when I had them out, but I wanted to get things back together somewhat first.
The dash with the refurnished facia boards
Major body work needed.  There were some areas on the front where the paint was starting to
peal and chip, so I decided to remove the area and see what was beneath the paint.....BONDO and
in big chunks, not just for filling.  I also ran into some fiberglass but mostly bondo.  So I decided
to remove the bondo and replace with fiberglass and a little filler.   

It turned out to be more than I thought once I removed the bondo I could tell the front end had
been in some sort of accident.  So I am in the process of cleaning it up somewhat and then
fiberglassing the damage.  Also add a little steel plating in the worst areas for better structure.

Here are some photos of what I discovered:
These were some of the bondo pieces
Bit by bit, I'm slowly getting work done on it. . . .
. . . but there's still a long way to go!