Home Sweet Home
After more than 20 years living in a mobile park, I finally had my property developed so I could have a
house built and move out of the park.  I had retired a couple years earlier and decided to use my 401k
to fund the construction of a custom home.

Following are photos of the process and some of the wildlife which stops by.
The area after the initial clearing
The bulldozer doing its thing
Workers putting framework for the foundation
The foundation
Framework of the house going up
Starting to take shape
The Final Product
Local Neighbors dropping by
Fawn by the rear deck
Doe & her fawns
A couple of my furry friends
The Grey Squirrel
The Wood Squirrel
These two chase each other around the tree quite a bit.  It's quite entertaining at times to
see who's going to win.  Most of the time the Grey does, but occasionaly Woody does.
A few other 'drop bys'
This owl stopped by one day and I was surprised I was able to get as close as I did.
Even had a small herd of Elk showed up.