Roscoe  10/15 - Current
Roscoe is my most recent companion.  I picked him up from 'Rescue Me' an adoption
web site.  I actually picked him up from his owners when they were getting ready to
leave the country and could not take him with them.  He was around six years old
when I adopted him.  His markings are similar to Finley's but  he doesn't have the
health issues.  He's not really into car shows - the reviving of the engine bothers him
quite a bit.  He likes going on walks and getting out and about.  At home he barks at
the squirrels as much as I let him.  After a while it becomes a bit much, so then he
goes to his bed and sulks.  
Waiting for the squirrels to show up
Now where did they go??
He also does a lot of sleeping