Rusty 'The Renegade Pup'  1985 - 2000
Rusty was well known in the Mustang community.  He had been with me 15+ years until his passing in
December 2000,  and well known to many Mustangers across the United States and parts of Canada.   
He attended virtually every car show I went to from Vancouver, BC to Raleigh/Durham, NC.

Here are a few photos:
Sitting on top of the world (in this case my 2000 Mustang GT Convertible.)
At Port Angeles in my 93 Mustang
And another time at Port Angeles with my 2000 GT Convertible
Keeping cool at the Richland, WA mustang show
A stop at Yellowstone National Park on our way back from Cody, WY
Rusty keeping cool at a Mustang show in Gillette, WY