Tanner Champagne 03/01 - 05/12
After the passing of Rusty, I kept my eye out for another companion and discovered Tanner in a local
humane society shelter.  He was a Shih Tzu and did not shed hair as Rusty did.  After waiting the
required three days, I was able to adopt him.  He was a little over a year old at the time.  He enjoyed
riding around in the mustangs; however, he did not like motorcycles.  I don't know if it was the
motorcycles themselves or just the noise they made.  He would have a barking fit whenever one passed
me or came into his hearing or view.  Many a motorcycle rider would get a laugh out of his actions as
they rode by.  Sadly he passed away in May 2012.

A few photos of him:
Shortly after I adopted Tanner and before his grooming appointment
After Tanner's gooming
At a Mustangs Northwest Spring into Summer Judged Mustang Show